Late Night Cravings & Friends Can Ruin Weight Loss

Can You Lose Weight?

Research led by Heather McKee of the University of Birmingham was conducted on 80 people who were currently engaged in a weight loss plan. The study gave the participants mobile phones which they kept an electronic diary of all the temptations that came their way, and the situations during which they gave in to these temptations.

Participants lapsed just over 50 percent of the time when tempted, and were especially vulnerable at night. They were more likely to give in to alcoholic temptations than to eat a sugary snack or to overindulge. Their willpower was also influenced by the presence of others, regardless of whether a dietary temptation was unexpected or whether the dieter went looking for something to eat.

These finding basically tell us that weight loss is far from being a simple procedure but rather one where our friends and late night cravings can ruin a week in only a few moments.

People need mechanisms, for instance to help with late night cravings, in order to succeed with weight loss programs. Late night cravings can often be the result of not actually eating enough (or the right type of foods) in the daytime. Thus eating more at lunchtime can often help people lose weight.

Having a large social life can be a killer for weight loss. If drinking alcohol regually is part of your social calendar you can pretty much kiss goodbye to losing weight. Being strict with your friends and telling them early on that you are on a weight loss plan and can not drink is a good way to start. Nip that social pressure in the bud early, as alcohol and weight loss simply do not get along.

Being honest with yourself and tracking your calories with an app like myfitnesspal is a great way to really see how much you are eating.

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