Fitness In Middle Age Can Reduce Heart Failure Risk

As a personal trainer I train a wide spectrum of ages. My current clients at my studio in Bromham Bedfordshire range from 12 to 62 years old. Getting fit at any age has plenty of health benefits, however a new study has found getting fit when middle aged has a great potential benefit in later life.

The study has shown that if you get fitter at middle age that you can reduce the chance of develping heart failure in later life by 40%. Heart failure effects over 750,000 people in the UK (click here for an NHS description of heart failure).

Surely that is a great reason to look at getting fit and healthy if you are in the middle aged bracket. I can start you off on your getting fit journey, showing you how to exercise correctly and get the most out of your training. My private personal training studio in Bedford is the perfect place for you to start. The full study on exercise and middle age can be found if you click here.