Cardiovascular Training Best For Fat Loss

As a personal trainer around Bedfordshire I have always strongly advocated the use of cardiovascular training (running, boxing pad work and exercise bike etc) as the best way to burn fat. A recent study has provided strong evidence that cardiovascular training is the best method to lose fat and the results can be seen by¬†clicking here. Some personal trainers use weight training as their primary method of getting fat off their clients’ bodies. Even though over time this can work, often it just takes far too long for a client to see visible results fast enough to keep them motivated. It also requires the least motivational skills on the part of the personal trainer. Teaching effective cardiovascular routines to a client takes far more motivation as when this method of training gets tough it is typically more uncomfortable than weight training routines. It’s these periods of uncomfortable training that a good personal trainer earns their money, pushing people to a (safe) level where the body is ‘shocked’ enough to release its fat stores.

Please get in touch with me today to start your fat burning cardiovascular training. I will always ensure you get the very most out of your body each session to maximise visual changes in just a few weeks.