Carbohydrate Is Not Bad For You

It must be very confusing when starting a weight loss plan. The internet is full of different opinions regarding weight loss. One constant and wrong approach I hear to weight loss is to cut carbohydrate to very low levels when trying to lose weight. This is a simple method to monitor for many people as they just simply cut back on pasta, rice, bread and potato.

Deleting your bodies glycogen stores (glycogen is what all carbohydrate is stored as in the body) may well show high weight loss in the initial stages but virtually all of the weight loss will be water and glycogen and even worse, muscle as well. Remember you want to lose FAT to get healthy, nothing else . Ultimately your body will need to replace the lost glycogen and that means carbohydrate cravings for you! This is bad news as your will power will be tested to its maximum and in most cases it is impossible not to give in. Sometimes the body will also adapt and store even more glycogen than it was doing before you started on the diet and you may end up heavier than when you started! Just to rub salt in the wound your metabolism will also be lower due to muscle wastage, setting you up for fat storage for the months and years to come.

Does dramatically cutting your carbohydrate intake sound like a good idea now if you want to lose body fat? Don’t get sucked into fad diets. Yes you can lose weight initially but the vast majority is not body fat, setting you up for weight gain in the future.                                    The following article helps describe the best way to successful long term healthy weight loss. I highly recommend reading this for all those of you wanting to lose weight.

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